Elegant Combination of Space & Hygiene
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Elegant Combination of Space & Hygiene
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Malls & Multiplex

Trendy cubicle designs in bold solid shades and rich wooden colours with addition of lively prints make the toilet block modern, designer and exclusive. Popular in mall toilet cubicles, cinema and multiplex restrooms. They are also demanded for trial rooms & change rooms in fashion and shopping stores. The frequently used T-Line modules in malls & their features are

  • Innovative fun prints, cuts and colours
  • Modules sustains high foot traffic
  • Antifungal & antibacterial surfaces
  • Modular built gives larger space
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Tough & durable to rough usage
  • Better utility & accessibility
  • Easier, faster & sleeker than conventional brick walls
  • Custom themed vinyl printed cubicles

Printed, Designer, SS elegance leg, SS crown

Sports Complexes & gyms

Toilet cubicles, shower cubicles and change rooms are mandatory & essential parts of gyms & sports complexes. The specially designed modules have bottom packing to prevent the transfer of water into adjacent cubicles and provide full privacy. Additionally

  • Custom vinyl prints for gyms with motivational quotes and theme images to meet the energy and spirit of the gym users
  • Shoe box to prevent water transfer to adjacent cubicles
  • Ideal for wet areas
  • Easy to clean and maintain after use
  • Antifungal & antibacterial surfaces
  • Modular built ensures efficient space utilisation
  • Ideal for medium to heavy foot traffic

Printed, SS elegance shoe, SS elegance leg, Nylon crown  

Amusement Parks and Resorts

Amusement Park toilet cubicles require safety, hygiene, durability and easy cleaning. Additionally, they need to be fun, colorful and ecstatic to match the energy and adrenaline of the users. Solid high pressure laminate toilet cubicle features include:

  • No heavy, thick and messy brick walls
  • Efficient space utilisation and enhanced accessibility
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance after heavy use
  • Antifungal & antibacterial surfaces for safety & hygiene
  • Amusing cubicles in bright fresh colours and fun cuts and shapes
  • Colourful replaceable vinyl prints matching the energy and liveliness of the park ambiance
  • Covered bottoms in shower cubicles to prevent water transfer & provide privacy

SS elegance leg, SS elegance shoe, designer, printed

Hotels & Banquets

Sleek, elegant and refined designs to complement and enhance the architecture of the hotel. They are clean and elegant and have the following features:

  • Antifungal antibacterial surfaces ensure safety
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance for hygiene
  • Spacious and organised toilet block
  • Rich wooden shades and solid colours for elevated ambiance
  • Seamless installation & clean edges

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